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Surgery Aftermath

I know some of you in my day to day, others are from my past, some from nothing more than this internet forum. I am asking…. begging for prayer. It is hard to do. Especially from people that see me day to day. I have heard and prayed for many of you. Be it fertility, marriage issues, cheating, etc. I


On October 2, I will be having Surgery. I am having a 3 level Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion. At this point I am experiencing a 40% intrusion of my spinal column and chord. For years I have had health issues. Such as Double Vision, Fatigue, Facial Numbness, Extreme Pain just to name a few. I am praying that this

A Feeling Inside

There is a Feeling inside…Of Contentment, Of Rest, Of Peace. There is a Feeling inside…Of Strength, Of Desire, of Wonder. There is a Feeling inside…Of Bonds Being Broken, Of Hurts Being Healed, Of Getting to the Other Side. It is so difficult to explain…It’s impossible to explain. I just know that the Lord loves me….That is the Best Feeling Inside